Big Spring Roof Leak Repairs

Big Spring roof leak repairs should be taken very seriously. If you don’t take care of them as quickly as possible, they could cause major problems, and possibly even threaten the structure of your home. The experts with Roofs by Nicholas can take care of your roof leak repairs in Big Spring TX so that you can avoid those kinds of issues. Here’s a quick look at some of the types of repairs we offer.


You might need Big Spring roof leak repairs because your shingles are either damages, loose, or missing entirely. There’s a very good chance that all you’ll need to have done will be replacing the problem shingles – as long as your roof is in good condition otherwise. In most cases, these kinds of roof leak repairs in Big Spring TX will involve removing not only the damaged shingle, but the good one above it. As long as the “good” shingle isn’t brittle, we can put it back in its original spot, then replace the one that’s broken.

Plugging Leaks

There are different ways of plugging roof leaks depending on the kind of material your roof is made of. In most cases, roof leak repairs in Big Spring TX will require using a roofing cement in order to patch a leak. The kind of cement used depends on the material.

Eliminating Water that Has Ponded

If you have a roof with a low slope, or a flat roof, there could be some water that has ponded on top. This will especially be the case if the original crew who installed your roof didn’t make sure they also installed a good drainage system. If we see ponding, we’ll first check to see why this has happened. We may recommend making a slight change so your roof can do a better job of diverting water. Or, we might add a device (known as a “cricket”) to prevent further ponding.

To learn more about how we perform Big Spring roof leak repairs, or to schedule an appointment, call Roofs by Nicholas at (432) 520-7348 or use our online contact form.