Midland Custom Metal Roofing

Midland custom metal roofing require the expertise of a team of professionals who have years of experience. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you turn to Roofs by Nicholas. No other company has the skill, tools and equipment needed to perform custom metal roofing in Midland TX the way we do it. In fact, there aren’t that many contractors around that will even accept these kinds of jobs.

Benefits of Custom Metal Roofing

These are just a few of the advantages of Midland custom metal roofing, and why you should always choose Roofs by Nicholas to take care of your project.

  • Options – One of the biggest benefits of custom metal roofing in Midland TX is, well, it’s customized – not only to your style, but also your budget. There are some people who are hesitant to choose a metal roof, because they’re afraid it won’t look exactly the way they want. But when Roofs by Nicholas professionals are on the job, we’ll provide you an incredible variety of styles and even colors.
  • Lightweight – Custom metal roofing in Midland TX is also very lightweight. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice in the area of quality. The metal we use is just as strong as slate or tile. The biggest advantage of the weight difference is that you won’t have to spend a lot if you ever need to modify your roof deck. Also, maintenance won’t be nearly as involved.
  • Energy efficiency – Finally, a metal roof is what’s commonly referred to as a “cool” roof. This means that they do a fantastic job of reflecting away sunlight and heat – they actually do a much better job of this than many other kinds of materials. Custom metal roofs can also be coated with a special finish that further reduces the amount of heat the roof absorbs. You’ll save a ton on your monthly energy bill as a result.

Learn more about our Midland custom metal roofing services by contacting Roofs by Nicholas online or giving us a call at (432) 520-7348 whenever you like.