Midland Metal Roof Contractors

Are you considering upgrading your asphalt roof to a metal roof? The Midland metal roof contractors from Roofs by Nicholas will be glad to explain the benefits of these roofs. While they are more expensive than others, their lifespan is far longer. Consider that a zinc or copper roof can last over 100 years!

To find out how much a metal roof will cost you, contact our metal roof contractors in Midland TX. We’ll provide you with a free inspection and cost estimate for your records.

What are the Benefits of a Metal Roof?

There was a time when metal roofs were primarily used for commercial buildings, but today, they are a popular option for residential properties, too. And it’s easy to see why! Let’s look at the reasons why you might want to upgrade to a metal roof.

  • Long lifespan. Obviously, the first benefit of a metal roof is its long lifespan. It’s possible that this may even be the last roof you ever buy! Non-metal roofs last about 20-25 years, but metal roofs can last anywhere from 25-50 years and beyond.
  • Lightweight. Believe it or not, metal roofs are lightweight. This makes the installation process relatively easy, and you don’t have to worry about your property being able to support the structure.
  • Energy efficiency. As our Midland metal roof contractors will tell you, metal roofs are very efficient because they reflect the sun’s rays. Some of our customers save up to 30 percent on their electric bills!
  • Fire resistant. Texas has its fair share of wildfires, so it’s important to protect your home. Metal roofs are naturally fire resistant – and they do NOT attract lightning! This is a myth!

Additional benefits to installing a metal roof are: They’re good for all climates and seasons, they’re resistant to moss and fungus and they’re environmentally friendly. You can’t go wrong!

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Roofs by Nicholas offers a wide range of metal roofing materials, including zinc, copper, and aluminum. Each material offers unique benefits, which we’ll be happy to go over with you. Metal roofs are expensive, so we want to make sure you’re spending your dollars wisely!

Contact our Midland metal roof contractors today for a free estimate and see what benefits your property can enjoy with a brand-new metal roof!