Midland Shingle Roof Companies

When choosing among Midland shingle roof companies, you want to hire contractors who know what kind of shingle will work best on your home. At Roofs by Nicholas, our experienced professionals are extremely knowledgeable in this and many other areas. We’ve been around for well over three decades, much longer than most shingle roof companies in Midland TX. When you choose us, you can do so with peace of mind, because we’ll know exactly what’s needed to provide you with years of performance.

What Shingles are Best for Your Home?

There are a few factors Midland shingle roof companies consider when choosing the best type of shingles for a roof in West Texas. The following are just a few. If the shingle roof companies in Midland TX you’re considering don’t provide choices, move on to another contractor.

  • Climate – West Texas has a hot, dry climate, so it’s important to choose shingles that can withstand high temperatures and UV radiation. Asphalt shingles are a popular choice in this region because they’re durable and resistant to heat and UV radiation. Any shingle roof companies in Midland TX worth your time will know this.
  • Wind resistance – West Texas is prone to strong winds, so it’s important to choose shingles that are resistant to wind damage. Look for shingles that have a high wind resistance rating, such as class 4 shingles.
  • Energy efficiency – Asphalt shingles are also a good choice for energy efficiency, as they reflect solar heat and can help keep your home cooler in the hot West Texas climate.
  • Cost – As with any roofing material, the cost of shingles will vary depending on the type and quality. It’s important to balance the cost with the performance and durability of the shingles to choose the best option for your home. 

It’s always a good idea to discuss your specific needs and budget with a roofing professional to determine the best type of shingles for your home.

Roofs by Nicholas stand out from other Midland shingle roof companies in a lot of ways. Find out for yourself by contacting us online or calling (432) 520-7348.