If you suspect that your roof needs some TLC, schedule an inspection with Roofs by Nicholas. We handle all types of Odessa roof repairs, including shingle repairs, flashing repairs and leaky roof repairs. With our quick turnaround times and certified roofing contractors, we’re also able to complete most repairs right away.

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How to Tell if Your Roof Needs Repairs

Roof problems can be subtle or obvious. This is why it’s important to pay attention, as you don’t want to miss an issue that can compromise your home. Here are the warning signs that you may need roof repairs in Odessa TX:

  • Presence of water spots or discoloration
  • Granules clogging the gutters
  • Granules washing out in the downspouts
  • Cracked or buckled shingles
  • Warped walls or ceilings in the attic
  • Drops of water on the floor
  • Debris in the home

What are the Most Common Types of Roof Repairs in Odessa TX?

When you find out what’s wrong with your roof, you’ll need to make the next decision: should you repair or replace your roof? In many cases, a simple repair is the better option. It’s faster, easier, and cheaper. But, if our contractors believe that it’s time to replace your roof, we’ll let you know. We strive for honesty and transparency!

Common Odessa roof repairs that we take care of are:

  • Shingle repairs. Our contractors can fix shingles that are broken, lifted, split, curled, etc.
  • Flashing repairs. Whether it’s cheap materials or a broken seal, we can fix damaged flashing.
  • Gutter repairs. If water can no longer drain from your gutters, rain water will pool on the roof and cause damage. We can repair gutter issues.
  • Leaky roof repairs. Our roofing experts can identify the smallest of leaks! We’ll find the source and repair it, protecting your roof and your home.

Schedule an Estimate for Roof Repairs

If you believe that your roof might have some damage, or it’s getting old and you want to know its status, give Roofs by Nicholas a call. We have quick turnaround times, high quality materials and knowledgeable techs that will handle your Odessa roof repairs right!

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