Hail Damage Roof Repair

Hail Damage Repair

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Hail is no small problem here in Texas. Texas leads in the amount of hail damage claims over the next leading state by more than double. According to The National Insurance Claim Bureau, “Texas was the top state in hail loss claims from 2013 through 2015 with 394,572 hail loss claims.”

The Texas Department of Insurance suggests that homeowners “review what your home and auto policies cover, know your coverage limits, and consider impact resistant roofing materials if and when your roof needs to be replaced. Most insurance companies will offer a premium discount for hail-resistant roofs.”

According to the NOAA’s Severe Storms database, there were 4,610 major hailstorms in 2018 and 6,045 major hailstorms in 2017. The state saw over 500 hailstorms in 2018 and in 2017, Texas had the largest number of properties that experienced one or more damaging hail events – over 1.3 million.

At Roofs by Nicholas, our team of experienced roofers have the skills to inspect, assess, and repair damage to your roof that has been caused by hail, wind, rain, ice, snow, and other storm-related problems. When a storm damages your residential or commercial roof, you can turn to us! We also work with your insurance company to repair or completely replace your roof if it is required.

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Hail Damage Roof Repair

When hail hits, it can damage your roof as well as other personal property. The severity of the damage caused by hailstorms can range greatly.

Factors that affect the degree of damage during a hailstorm:

  • The Wind – During a hailstorm, wind direction and wind speed can affect the location and severity of hail impacts.
  • Size and Density – The size of the hailstones can affect the degree of damage. A hailstone can be as small as a stone, or as large as a softball.
  • Building Materials – Different types of building materials absorb hail impacts differently. Hail can cause dents in asphalt shingles, whereas it can crack vinyl siding or wood shakes. The larger softball-sized hailstones can be strong enough to puncture your roof. The age and condition of your roof can also affect the degree of damage.

Types of Storm Damage We Repair

  • Wind Damage – High winds can loosen or tear off shingles, damage the flashing, pry gutters from the roof and even topple chimneys.
  • Falling Debris Damage – Tree limbs, power poles, and wind-driven debris can fall onto your roof which can cause serious structural damage.
  • Hail Damage – Even smaller sized hailstones can cause damage to the roof by battering shingles and causing hidden bruises to your roof structure.
  • Snow and Ice– Heavy snow can put undue stress on rafters and the underlying roof structure, and freezing temperatures can loosen flashing and masonry.
  • Sun Damage – Hot weather can cause cracks in shingles, tiles and other types of roofing that can lead to problems when wet weather returns.

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