Midland Industrial Roofing Contractors

If a leak has developed on the roof of your commercial building, you need to get in touch with the Midland industrial roofing contractors with Roofs by Nicholas as soon as possible. We’ll get to your location quickly, perform a thorough inspection, and then tell you exactly what’s wrong, and exactly how we plan to fix it. People throughout the area have put their trust in our industrial roofing contractors in Midland TX since 1988. We look forward to the chance to earn your trust as well. 

Indications You May Have a Roof Leak

Business owners have turned to our Midland industrial roofing contractors for a lot of reasons. Their building may have recently been damaged due to a storm, some sort of rooftop equipment malfunction (such as HVAC equipment that failed), or one of a number of other causes. If you notice any of the following, contact the industrial roofing contractors in Midland TX immediately.

  • There are stains on the walls or on the ceiling. Any kind of blistering or bubbling, or a change in appearance of any masonry surfaces, could be a sure sign of a leak.
  • You should definitely contact our industrial roofing contractors in Midland TX if you’re noticing a musty odor in your building. This could mean that water has accumulated to the point that mold and mildew are starting to develop. This could cost thousands of dollars to fix, and could also pose serious health problems if not addressed as soon as possible.
  • The biggest sign of a leak, of course, is if water is starting to drip inside your building, or you see puddles forming on the floor. It could be due to water moving from the roof through your ducts. 

The expert Midland industrial roofing contractors are standing by. If you suspect you have a leak – or you have any other type of roof issue – we’ll know exactly what to do. We also value your time, so we’ll do everything possible to complete our work in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. Schedule service by contacting us online or calling (432) 520-7348.