Midland Storm Damage Repair Contractors

You might think you need to start looking into Midland storm damage repair contractors, but how can you be 100 percent sure? There are several ways you can check very safely, without taking all the risks that come with trying to climb up on your roof. Keep the following tips in mind, and then get in touch with Roofs by Nicholas. Our team of storm damage repair contractors in Midland TX will get your home back to normal as fast as possible.

Checking for Storm Damage Without Getting Hurt

Before calling any Midland storm damage repair contractors, take the following steps first. 

Inspect the roof from the ground – If possible, try to inspect the roof from the ground. Look for any visible signs of damage, such as missing shingles or damaged flashing.

Use binoculars – If can’t get a good look from your yard, use binoculars. This can help you to identify any small areas of damage that may not be visible from a distance. Then get in touch with storm damage repair contractors in Midland TX from Roofs by Nicholas

Check the gutters – Inspect the gutters for any debris or damage. Clogged or damaged gutters can cause water to pool on the roof, which can lead to leaks or other damage.

Look for water stains on the ceiling – Check the inside of your home for any water stains on the ceiling. This can be a sign of a roof leak.

Inspect the attic – Check the attic for any water stains or leaks. This can help you to identify the source of a roof leak and determine the extent of the damage.

Take photos – Take pictures – from a distance – of any damage you find. This can be helpful for insurance purposes. It can also help your storm damage repair contractors in Midland TX take care of the problem faster.

Stay off the roof – Remember – do all of your inspections from the ground. This can help to prevent accidents and further damage to the roof.

Call the Professionals With Roofs by Nicholas

The Roofs by Nicholas team of Midland storm damage repair contractors is standing by to help. Schedule service by contacting us online or calling (432) 520-7348.